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The Parchments is a precious collection of poetry and inspiration designed to provide encouragement to the readers.  Walk with Albertine through these pages that hold her response to the touch of God’s hand as she stood in the kitchen, walked across the parking lot, or drove the highway.  Receive the same comfort she received as she was comforted by the Holy Spirit, through His leading, guiding, and teaching.  Be blessed by what she was able to pour out after being poured into by the Savior.
This book will be excellent for you if youneed an encouraging lift.  If things are going pretty well for you right now it may be a beautiful gift to someone who may be going through challenging times. I have had several people tell me that pretty much everything in the book, they can relate to, or have been able to at one point or another in their life.  I know a few people who actually carry it around in their purse or bags or who keep it with them at all times.  It's nice to pull out while waiting in a doctor's office or on a long ride. This book is a great blessing!

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