To just let go
And rest in the fact that you already know
All that I desire and all that I want
What I need and what I don’t

To throw up my hands
Surrender my will
To stop fighting your battles
And learn to keep still

To be strong enough
To admit that I am weak
To believe the things you say
When into my ear you speak

To believe in your promises
Enough to just lay
My problems at your feet
And then walk away

To trust you totally, completely is my goal
Teach me how
To trust you
Dear Savior of my soul!

Do not take Your hand off me
Who would comfort me?
You are closer to me
Than mine own skin
Do not remove Yourself far from me
If You would back away from me
How then would I breathe?
You are the air in my nostrils
Please do not hide Your love from me
To whom would I give my heart
And trust not to break it?
My heart dances within my bosom
To the rhythm of You
Please do not deprive me of Your presence
How then would I live?
To live without You would be
To live without my life!

You break my heart into pieces
And then You pass it around
Then You watch, as I stand awestruck
With my jaw dropped to the ground

As one by one they come back and say
“Thank you for your transparency.
You have absolutely no idea
How much of a blessing you were to me”

Amazing isn’t it how God is able
To use your pain to heal your pain
And when you’ve been healed He breaks you
Then He passes you out again

I try so hard not to tell anyone
But something inside of me is driven
I can’t seem to find any rest
Until all my heart has been given

I try so hard not to show anyone
I try to keep the door locked and closed
But I can’t seem to find any relief
Until all my heart has been exposed

I know first hand of how God can
Take a brokenhearted disaster
Place His anointing on it
And make a Specialist, a Master

I am a living witness
A walking testimony
Of how God really can take your Mess
And make it your Ministry


I’m determined to make a change
I’m determined not to stay the same
I’m determined to be all God wants me to be
I’m gonna see what I believe, not believe what I see
I’m determined to keep walking, even crawling, moving this way
I’m determined to make some progress every day
The smallest advancement is more than before
Even the shortest distance traveled gets me closer to my door
Every step I make will get me closer to His face
Every effort I put forth will be met by His Grace
Every day is a blessing because it is another chance
To thank God for my future, to praise Him, and dance
Before the God of my salvation who saw enough in me
To believe that I will fulfill my purpose, arrive at my destiny
He poured out all His blood and put His name on the line
He risked His reputation because He knew I’d live up to mine
My Heavenly Father Himself has determination
That through all my obstacles I will reach my destination
He trusts me to accomplish what He put me here to do
He knows I’m gonna make it no matter what I go through
He has the most amazing Faith in me
He obviously sees something that I don’t see
But one thing I know, my Father does not lie
And the only real failure is the one who won’t try
So from down in the deepest part of my soul
I’m determined that I’m gonna reach my goal
I don’t have the answers to all the how and when
But I know I’m determined to make a change

I’m determined that I will win!

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