You are something out of of this world. There's been so many times I've thought God has put on me more than I could handle. During these times I forget he is there and knows my pain. I'm crying. You bring up the real truth. when I read this, it reminded me that life is a learning experience and from everything we learn it's worth  twice what we knew before. You are definitely a gift.
I love it when you use your personal stories to allow us to put out lives back into perspective.
Edward (Struggle): Umph umph, deep! I think that this is a struggle that all of us go through in some fashion. The eternal struggle with self. I never seen it put so well into words like this though. You have a tremendous talent.
Mark D (Speak to Me): Your poem almost made me's really easy to feel the emotions that you're trying to communicate! I especially liked the brutal honesty and the line: speak to me until I forgive you for exposing my secrets.
(Thank You): Albertine, that is really touching. I almost cried. You have an extraordinary gift!
Betsy F: I so love your words! They cause emotions...happy ones, forgotten cool! Gotta get your book!
Julie M(Ishmael, Ishmael): I loved your poem, how beautiful. I am a lover of poetry. I am delighted to see your progress in this ministry. I have heard it said, "from great pain, ministries are born". Writing is a part of the healing process. That is why you are writing. Because God knew you needed healing for your hurts and experiences. So he said,  "let me give her beauty for ashes, poems and songs for her tears and joys". So the beauty that you produce should let you know you were destined to leave a trail, a light, a path, and most of all you are going to come out of your storms and be healed.
Robin B about Fell:  GIRL YOU HAVE A GIFT!
Tracy T: ( A Great Woman) Albertine you have that special something in your poems that allows the readers to laugh and then cry. Cry and then laugh some more. You have reached a different level in your poems and they're just as beautiful as your love poems. Dang! In this poem I had tears in my eyes because it seems as if we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, and I haven't looked at myself as strong. Sometimes I feel weak and want to give up. Give up to what, I don't know. Thanks for allowing me to see, through your words the strength I have within myself and reminding me that God is with me always. The middle of your poem had me smiling to myself when you described all that we women do. Especially pick up and put up and some of the statements after that. Thanks for sharing your special gift with me. You are a great woman.
Kim S (A Great Woman): Oh my, that was.........GREAT. I must share this, do you mind?

Phil:  This parchments book??? FREAKIN GENIUS!! but it only makes sense...KC- AMAZING TALENT – UNDISCOVERED
Don: I am reading your poetry book and I just had to stop and write you...I don't know what it will take to get you to the next level but your writing is BEAUTIFUL!  It is absolutely visual and breathtaking!  I can feel the love, the angst, the joy, and even as a man I can understand and I know women will definitely be able to relate. It is time for somebody to break through and become a modern day Maya Angelou or Nikki Giovanni and I have no doubt that it's you. I just finished reading Closure, Body Kiss, and while reading Delicate Torture I just had to stop and write.  God bless you and I am looking for 2010 to bring great things your way!
And then this happened...: 
Dear Albertine, 
I was most impressed by your book "The Parchments". It was a gift from my son who works for Pyramid Roofing. I had read excerpts from his book while visiting with him in Kansas City last winter. I just fell in love with it. Was I surprised this Christmas when he personally presented me with a signed copy of the book for me. He and his lovely wife were here for a few days before Christmas, and aside from the gift of themselves, this was the greatest gift he could have given me. I've read if from cover to cover, and believe me, you've really inspired me. I can relate to some of what you write about, but not all. You show the faith in Christ that I have been striving for. I am a Catholic, but I've not had a deep personal relationship with God. I'm getting there. You showed me the way. 

I had been reading a small book about finding the way to Christ, but it is so flowery and repetitive that I didn't get much out of it. It didn't present any new information. It never really did address how to get to Christ. But, your book, is so down to earth that anyone can relate if he/she opens the mind and heart. You "done good". Thank you Albertine for writing this book. I'll treasure it till my dying day which I hope is a long way off.

Dewayne: She speaks with the profoundness of  Michelle Obama and the eloquence of Maya Angelou...
Just wanted to say your poems really blessed me today. I am so excited that you are allowing God to use you in such a glorious manner all for the edification of the body. Keep on pressing on. In your journey you are blessing many saints along the way.  Much love sister.
Hey madam...just finished reading ur book...thank u for sharing ur gift...may God continue to expand ur borders to reach a nation and may the favor of the Lord be with you always!
Just wanted to stop through and let you know just how much I appreciate your words of encouragement.  You really helped me realized that my life is not over....that I can get up out of my bed and carry on each day...that these feelings I'm experiencing are temporary. Thanks again.
I just read CRY.
You really did that, Queen.
Thank's just how I am right now...
I came to this page to give props to the author, and found you,
I hope all is good with you and I have to thank you again for that piece
You are some kind of woman...
My God you have wisdom. I just wanted to send you a personal message that I even gathered some strength from that inspiration you put out there...It came from the heart and the head with love, strength, courage and experience. All of life's best teachers in one instance. 

While not a poem you created, your words rang with the sincerity of truth and conviction. You are truly a marvelous gem shining brightly.Thank you.

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