Friday, July 13, 2012

If I never write another one, I believe that I have written the most beautiful poetry that I've ever read.  It's real, It's raw. It's sensual. It's innocent. It's passionate. It's honest. It's pure. It's heart wrenching. It's tender. It's romantic. It is the written expression of just about everything I am on the inside...spilled out, wept out, onto paper. And so far it's has helped bring two babies into the world. It has helped a Catholic woman understand better how to draw closer to God. It has served as encouragement for many people who were going through a hard season. It has helped at least one couple to remember why they fell in love and helped to restore what was almost lost in their marriage. It sets men a little bit on fire when their women read it to them. It has warmed hearts, and OH, it helped a guy win the heart of a friend who he wanted to love on another level. They went from being friends to lovers when he borrowed my poetry.  Probably so much more but these things I've witnessed. 
Who is my favorite poet? I AM!

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